Statutory requirement to deliver Relationships and Health Education – Parent consultation

Statutory requirement to deliver Relationships and Health Education – Parent consultation

Welcome to this temporary area on our website.

As you know, the government decided that from September 2020 all primary age children will be taught Relationships and Health education. (RHE) Schools have (due to the pandemic ) until the end of the summer term to ensure that they are teaching the new curriculum. These subjects will be taught as part of our Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) curriculum.

We are now consulting with parents and carers on our approach to this, specifically around our Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education curriculum and policy.  Given the current circumstances around social distancing and other lockdown restrictions, we felt that the best way to do this was remotely and by sharing some of the key documents for you to take a look at. All of the key documents will be available on our school  website and also in a special area of TEAMS we have created for this consultation.

On the website and on TEAMS you will find:

The idea of the consultation is to give you a chance to understand how we have interpreted the guidance and let us know what you think and ask any questions. The consultation is open until Friday 5th March 2021 and we will respond in the week of Monday 8th March 2021. We think it is important that every parent is involved in all aspects of their education. We will use your feedback to help us make any final decisions about our policy and curriculum before we release the final documents. Please send all comments and question to

Please do not leave comments on TEAMS as this is more public and also because the page will quickly become confusing and other parents will not be able to find the documents they need. We will not monitor the teams site for parent feedback only the email address.

Thank you for taking the time to get involved in the consultation we really appreciate it and will find your comments very useful.